How to Apply For The Free Guide Service

Read the following carefully, and apply for the service:
The aim of this activity is to provide free guiding services and exchange good will between visitors and Japanese volunteers. In that process we hope we will respect each other as friends and exchange useful information of the respective countries. So, we hope you will not regard us merely as a cheap substitute of a professional guide. In fact, many of our members have a professional guide license, but prefer friendship and hospitality rather than guiding as business.
Most of our member guides are retired Japanese men or housewives in their sixties who live on pension with fairly good command of the particular foreign language and enthusiasm to be of any help to you. And many of them have experience of living abroad long enough, or teaching the language for communication, aspiring to meet people from overseas with different views and customs. Of course we do our best to make your stay here wonderful and memorable!

If you agree with our ideas above, download the Application Form from below, fill it in, and send it in to with your message in your mail.
Upon receiving your Application, the coordinator of our 87 member volunteer-guide group is to let them know of your request. If any of our guides offers to volunteer your guiding, you will be informed of his/her e-mail address and at the same time your prospective guide will contact you shortly as well. Then, you are to discuss the details of your itinerary with him/her. We could guide you to wherever you'd like to visit in and around Tokyo according to your wishes and interests.
We are volunteer guides, so the service is free, but we’d request you to cover the expenses during the activities, including simple food, admission fees, and travel expenses incurred both during the activities as well as the round trip cost of the guide's trip to and from home. (See FAQ for details)
We are not professional guides, so we cannot accept a large group consisting of, say, more than 10 people. Nor can we usually accept the request of guiding that lasts longer than 3 days.


If you can't download the Application above, you can copy and paste the following form to WordPad or any other text editor to fill in and send in to

Application for Shinagawa SGG Club Free Guide Service 
Date: (                                 )

1. We are doing this free guide service on a voluntary basis, and for the purpose of recruiting possible volunteers, we need some information of the applicants. So, we would like to request you to fill out this application for and send in by e-mail in an attached file as soon as possible.



Terms and Conditions :
We will not expect any financial compensation for our services, but we’d like you to cover the expenses during the activities, including admission fees, modest food, and travel expenses incurred both during the activities as well as the round trip cost of the guide’s trip to and from home.
We may change the itinerary or call off the volunteer-guiding service in case of bad weather (e.g., tropical storm, heavy rain, violent heat, heavy snow, etc.) or such weather forecast, or big earthquake.
Neither Shinagawa SGG Club nor the guides accompanying you are responsible for any injuries, theft and/or damages to possessions that may occur during the services.

2. Number of the tourists: (Total    persons)
Name Male/ Female Nationality Age










3. Arrival date in Japan :  (Flight No.     arrival time     )

4. Name of the hotel or place to stay in Tokyo, and the date and the name of the checking-in:

5. Preferable date for the guide service
  first choice :   second choice :   third choice :

6. E-mail address or phone number we can contact during the trip (if any):

7. Are you a vegetarian? Any dietary allergy or intolerance, or dietary restrictions based on religion

8. Places you would like to visit or what you would like to see or do in Tokyo:

9. Preferable languages

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