Frequently Asked Questions

1. Applicants are expected to cover the expenses during the activities and the round trip cost of the guide’s trip to and from home. Give us the idea of the approximate expenses?

Walking around Tokyo downtown using public transportation systems will cost you around 1,000yen/person a day. The admission fee to museums and gardens would be between 0 and 2,000yen according to the places you visit. (Senior concession is available in some institutions.) As for the round-trip cost of the guide's trip to and from home would be around 1,000yen depending upon where he/she lives.

2. I am planning to go to Kamakura, Hakone, Mt Fuji while I am in Tokyo. Can I ask for guiding to those places as well?

Basically we are to show you in and around downtown Tokyo. However, some of the guides will take you to the places of interest outside Tokyo if you ask him/her to. You can decide while discussing the details through e-mails with the prospective guide assigned to you.

3. Is it possible to only ask for info for the trip in Japan?

Yes, we are ready to give you any info as to your personal trip here in Japan.

4. We are a travel agency. Can I ask for your service for our planned trip?

Sorry. Our basic idea is to exchange goodwill, and not to assist you in making profit. That's why we provide services for free. Please apply for the professional guides.

5. We are vegetarians. Can you take care of us?

We have taken care of people with dietary allergies or intolerance, or dietary restrictions based on religion. In fact you may sometimes find it rather tough to find the appropriate places for those people here.

6. Which languages do guides speak?

Most of the guides in our group understand and speak English, and there are ones who speak French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. However, we must say they are exceptions.